Tom Haueter is an investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), who first appeared in the fourth season. He has investigated the case of United 535 and Copa 201 among them.

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Haueter first appeared in the fourth season episode Hidden Danger, were he was in charge of the investigation of United 535, and later led the investigation for the other two 737 planes that had the same rudder failure. He later appeared in the season 6 episode Fatal Flaw, were he was shown as the investigator in charge of the United 535 case and was interviewed about it. He didn't appear before the fourteenth season episode Sideswiped after that, were he assisted the Panamanian investigators with the case of Copa Airlines 201. He then appeared in Fatal Transmission (S15E01) were he was in charge of the United Express 5925 case. In the sixteenth season, he was one of the investigators involved in the Pentagon hijacking investigation, and he was later in charge of investigating the crash of Trans-Colorado Airlines flight 2286.

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