The thirteenth season of Air Crash Investigation started airing in late 2013 and concluded in May 2014. The season contains 11 episodes.

Incidents Edit

  1. British European Airways flight 548
  2. Hughes Airwest flight 706
  3. Crossair flight 498
  4. Air Florida flight 90
  5. American Airlines flight 587
  6. 1989 NOAA42 Incident
  7. Aerolinee Itavia flight 870
  8. XL Airways Germany flight 888T
  9. Air Moorea flight 1121
  10. Qantas flight 32

Note: The first 10 episodes covers aviation accidents, while the last one is a special, mentioning covered accidents and incidents from previous seasons.

Episodes Edit

  1. Fight to the Death
  2. Speed Trap
  3. Lost in Translation
  4. Disaster on the Potomac
  5. Queens Catastrophe
  6. Into the Eye of the Storm
  7. Massacre over the Mediterranean
  8. Imperfect Pitch
  9. Terror in Paradise
  10. Qantas 32: Titanic in the Sky
  11. Getting out Alive

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first season to have a new intro since the season 4 to 12 intro.
  • This is also the first season to have 11 episodes.
  • This is the first season to have a special episode since season 8.
  • This season includes the series' 100th episode, which is the second episode "Speed Trap".
  • The tenth episode is marked as the 100th aircraft case investigated on the show.