The tenth season of Air Crash Investigation aired from 28 February to 28 March 2011. The season only contained 6 episodes all in all.

Incidents Edit

  1. Crossair flight 3597
  2. British Airways flight 38
  3. Scandinavian Airlines flight 751
  4. Colgan Air flight 3407
  5. US Airways flight 1549
  6. Turkish Airlines flight 1951

Episodes Edit

  1. Cockpit Failure
  2. The Heathrow Enigma
  3. Pilot Betrayed
  4. Dead Tired
  5. Hudson River Runway
  6. Who's In Control?

Trivia Edit

  • The Crossair accident is the first Swiss aviation accident covered in the series. It is also the last one until the thirteenth season episode "Lost in Translation".
  • The three last episodes all involve accidents that happend the same year, which was 2009.
  • This is the last season to date to include only 6 episodes.
  • It is also the last season to date that includes an episode count under 8 or 10; the lowest being season 8.