River Runway is the eighth episode of the sixteenth season. It aired on 30 January 2017. The episode dramatazises the river landing of Garuda Indonesia flight 421.

Plot Edit

On 16 January 2002, Garuda Indonesia flight 421 is on final approach to Yogyakarta after a routine flight from Ampenan. While flying thru a storm, the planes engines flame out and the pilots are left in a hard situation. After a failed attempt to restart their engines, the pilots also lose contact with ATC. After breaking thru the storm, they search for a place to land. The captain manages to land the plane on the Solo River, and saves 59 out of the 60 people on board.

Trivia Edit

  • The episode's title is almost similar to the tenth season episode "Hudson River Runway", only that Hudson has been removed from it.
  • Stock footage from "Nowhere To Land" and "Pushed To The Limit" is used.
  • Kevin Clark and Ray Nurcahyo are the only two people in the episode who speaks English when being shown.