Ghost Plane is the tenth episode of the fourth season. It originally aired on 17 June 2007.

Plot Edit

Sunday, August 14th, 2005  Larnaca Airport in Cyprus. It's 9am, and the low-cost Cypriot airline, Helios, is schedueled to take off to Athens, Greece, and then continuing to Prague, Czech Republic. Soon after take-off, the pilots recieve a master warning alarm and a take-off config. warning, which is usually triggered on the ground, suggesting the plane isn't suitable for take-off. The pilot is convinced he has a minor air-conditioning problem, but the ground engineer is worried about one switch....

A while after, air traffic control in Larnaca Airport loses all contact with the Helios Plane, and all they can do is watch Flight 522 circle around Athens. Fighter planes track the plane and see  no passengers react to the presence of the jet and one figure is slumped over the co-pilot's seat. As if it wasn't confusing enough, a figure walks into the cockpit and tries to control the plane. 

But one question remains.... who is flying the plane?

Episode Edit

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