Explosive Proof is the fourth episode of the seventeenth season of Air Crash Investigation. The episode covers the accident of Trans World Airlines flight 800, also known as TWA 800. The episode aired on 13 March 2017.

Plot Edit

On 17 July 1996, Trans World Airlines flight 800 takes off from New Yorks JFK Airport on the way too Paris. A while after take off, the planes nose explodes from the rest of the plane as it plummets into the ocean. The FBI and NTSB launch their separate investigations, the FBI a criminal investigation and the NTSB looks into the aircraft investigation of the aircraft.

Characters Edit

  • Captain Ralph Kevorkian
  • Captain Steven Snyder
  • Flight Engineer Oliver Krick
  • Flight Attendant Janet Christopher
  • Retired NTSB Investigator Al Dickinson
  • Retired NTSB Investigator Bob Benzon
  • Retired NTSB Metallurgical Engineer James Wildley
  • NTSB Systems Investigator Robert Swaim
  • FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom
  • NTSB Investigator
  • Pierre Salinger
  • JFK Airport Air Traffic Controller (not seen)
  • Captain Richard Campbell (does not speak)
  • President Bill Clinton (News footage)
  • President John F. Kennedy (mentioned)

Trivia Edit

  • The covering of this crash has been most requested by ACI fans.
  • This marks the second time TWA 800 has been involved, tho the first time it was mentioned and recreated; and this time the accident is coverd fully.
  • Stock footage from "Explosive Evidence" is used, and the episode is also referenced by it's description.
  • Reference to "Lockerbie Disaster" is made, and a picture of that 747s cockpit is seen at 20:18 in the episode.
  • From 22:27 to 22:43, the NTSB Investigator breaks the fourth wall by looking directly at the camera as he goes thru the 3 things the investigation needs to prove about the fuel tank exploding. The same happens at 29:09, when the investigator goes thru the second thing they need to prove. This happens again at 33:05 as the investigator goes thru the third and final thing they need to prove. While also looking at the camera the third time, he has some other investigators around him and looks at the camera between two investigators. He does the same at 33:27 as he remarks the sense of the fuel tank exploding. The investigator looks at the camera for the last time at 39:15.
  • This is the first time investigators has only listend to the CVR ones and forgetting it later, and then later return to it for clues.

Goofs Edit

  • At around 10:44 in the episode, the narrator meant to say "survived" but it sounds more like "survive" witch dosen't make sense in grammar form.

Episode Edit