Blown Away is the second episode of the eighteenth season. The episode aired on 20 February 2018, and covers the crash of TransAsia Airways flight 222.

Plot Edit

On 23 July 2014, TransAsia flight 222 crashes into buildings while attempting to land at Magong Airport during inclement weather and low visibility, killing 48 out of the 58 people on board. The investigation discovers that the pilots descended intentionally below the minimum descent attitude, leading to a controlled flight into terrain.

Trivia Edit

  • Up until 4 February 2015, TransAsia Airways had two accidents in almost two years in a row. The 2015 accident of flight 235 was covered in the previous season.
  • Following the investigation and the official reports, the airline later went bankrupt in 2016.
  • The episode shares the same title as the seventh season's third episode.