Bouillard in season 14

Alain Bouillard is a French BEA investigator who has appeared in any aircraft case that for the most part happens in French region or involves a French aircraft. He has appeared ever since season 12, with his most resent apperance in season 16.

Bio Edit

Bouillard first appeared in season 12 episode 13, where he was in charge of the Air France 447 accident. He later appeared, also as the lead investigator in the thirteenth season episode "Terror in Paradise". After that he appeared again as the lead investigator in the season 14 episode "Concorde - Up in Flames". He didn't appear in season 15, but later appeared as the lead investigator in the season 16 episode "Deadly Detour".

Appearances Edit

  • Season 12 - Air France 447: Vanished
  • Season 13 - Terror in Paradise
  • Season 14 - Concorde - Up in Flames
  • Season 16 - Deadly Detour

Actors Edit

  • Stuart Clow (twelfth, thirteenth and sixteenth seasons)
  • Mark Caven (fourteenth season only)
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